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The main area of operations in/between Europe and the Middle East, also all EMEAI. Cooperation with National & International Authorities.

Company Management

Crisis Change Management

Revenue Management








Financial business







Consultancy for TOP management.
Change, crisis and revenue management.
New markets and business development, especially EMEAI region.

M.Sc./Dipl.Ing.  Igor Lovacky,  BEM

Master of Science & Dipl. Ing - Economy and Management in Transport and Communications
BEM - Bachelor of Economics and Management, C++ programmer
20 years experience in Sales/Operations/General mngmnt

Areas of Expertise:

• Business Development Planning
• Sales & Operations Management 
• Performance Evaluation 
• Key Accounts Management
• Regional Sales Administration 
• Product Planning/Development
• Contracts Negotiation
• Operations Analysis / Process Redesign
• Salesforce Effectiveness
• Team Development & Leadership
• Change and Crises Management
• E-commerce & Online Marketing
• Revenue Management
• P&L Accountability

E-commerce, E-shops, SaaS, Online marketing, Apps, CRM
Finance - Banking / Insurance - B2B, B2C
Airlines/Aviation/Airplanes/Airports, Space , Transportation


The post-coronavirus world: a unique time for a new aviation beginning

The post-coronavirus chaos will alternatively offer a unique opportunity to reframe the foundations of a global airline industry. But is there a will to grasp that potential?

Our mission is to become a leading source of advice in the aviation industry. We are professionals in Airline Management serving the aviation industry.

Our promise to you is to use not only the knowledge we have but also the passion we share for aviation as the driving force behind every research conducted on your behalf.

10 eCommerce Predictions Influenced by COVID-19

by Igor Lovacky

eCommerce trends are shifting, too.

Expedited by stay-at-home initiatives issued in March and April, consumers were suddenly left without access to normal retail. This resulted in a mass migration to buy online. In response, big tech players like Google, Shopify, and Facebook adjusted (or expedited) their product roadmaps, releasing new e-commerce-friendly developments in rapid succession.

1) The Low-Touch Economy is here to stay and ecommerce will continue to benefit.

2) Every business will find a way to sell online (if they haven’t already.)

3) The most successful e-commerce businesses will have a tight leash on their supply chains.

4) There will be an increased focus on owned ecommerce channels.

5) Meal kits, DTC grocery, and DTC alcohol demand will be better off than they were pre-lockdown.

6) The eCommerce businesses that succeeded in supplying high-demand essentials will not be forgotten.

7) Fashionable masks for every niche may be here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

8) Athleisure and home office verticals will continue to expand. 

9) Shopify’s dominance will expand, and they will pose an increasingly large threat to Amazon’s eCommerce market share.

10) Content marketing will become even more important.

4 Steps to Prepare for the Future of eCommerce after COVID-19

1. Plan for Capacity Growth
2. Build a Strong Digital Customer Experience
3. Invest in Uptime
4. Diversify Supply Chains

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